BCS Pure Water
Water for Wellness - Better Tasting, Better for You


Office - There is no limit as to the number of options we can connect BCS Pure Water systems to in the office or break room.  Whether it's on the counter or under, stand alone or refrigerator, coffee, or ice maker; we can provide the healthiest and best tasting water to drink and cook with in the BCS area!

 The perfectly sized water coolers, filtration systems or ice makers are equipped with the endless supply of water through 9 stages of purification beginning by removing ALL of the toxins with Reverse Osmosis then adding back electrolytes and minerals to provide a healthy and amazing tasting pH balanced water. This sleek design allows this unit to be placed anywhere without it being an eye-sore. So, enjoy the elegance and uniqueness with each great tasting glass of the BCS Pure Water purification process.  Whether you are re-hydrating after being out in the Texas heat or making a hot glass of tea, this unit is perfect for you!

Restaurant - BCS Pure Water is not just a glass of good tasting, healthy water, we offer premium solutions for the food service industry as well.  Our unique experience of installing simple, yet highly productive units provide the entire restaurant / establishment with the best tasting water in Bryan – College Station.  Not only do we connect our systems to soda fountains, back bars and ice makers, we can also provide water to the entire restaurant to ensure your cooking and cleaning your dishes with the best water to ensure the quality of your food isn’t tainted with contaminants and toxins.  Additionally, our water not only makes the best tasting ice, it increases production of ice sometimes by tenfold while saving costly maintenance calls and down time for the buildup of salt and scale, which destroys kitchen and coffee equipment.  To add to the benefits, BCS Pure Water is also advertising your establishment on our site and social media followers for free because we want them to know where they can get the best water in BCS.  If you are looking into opening a food service establishment or already have one in operation, please call BCS Pure Water to get your place on the map today!

Industrial - Here at BCS Pure Water, we realize that not all water needs a healthy amount of minerals and electrolytes added back to it.  This is why we have an Industrial Division.  Regardless of your special filtration needs, we can find a solution for you and provide the best service available in the Bryan - College Station Area!

 Commercial Water Filtration Service