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Tank-less Countertop Water Cooler

Tank-less Countertop Water Cooler


Starting at $40/month. This Includes:

-Alkaline RO System
An endless supply of the same delicious pH balanced water we use in our restaurants.

-Attractive Appearance
These countertop systems were designed to be displayed beautifully alongside your other kitchen appliances. No need to hide these from view.

-Hot and Cold on-Command
This system has a hot (190 F) and cold (34 F) side. Perfect for beating the Texas heat or a nice cup of tea in the winter.

The BCSPW W9 Touchless Dispenser: standing at 18" tall, holding 1 gallon of cold water and 0.5 gallons of hot water.

The BCSPW 15000 With NUGGET ICE!: Standing at 18" tall, this machine holds 7lbs of nugget ice at a time, while producing up to 125lbs a day. It has tankless ambient water, and a 0.5 gallon holding tank of hot water.

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